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Picking the best WordPress web host can be challenging. Let us compare the best and most affordable WordPress hosting plans so you don’t have to!

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Find the best web host for your site.

Choosing the perfect webhost for small businesses should be easy. At, we compare the best hosting plans so you can host your website quickly and affordably.

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We compare dozens of the most popular hosting companies to create the best recommendations for your needs. Whether you’re starting a WordPress blog or an e-commerce store, we’ll list the best web hosts for your site.

Best in class security is required for all of our compared plans.

What’s a good storage option for my plan? We’ll make sure you’re good to grow with the right hosting company!

Speed and reliability are key metrics we review on all website hosting plans.

Our Top 5 WordPress Hosts in 2022

Ready to launch your WordPress site? Check out our list of the best WordPress hosts for 2021. As always, our comparisons focus on speed, reliability AND budget!

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Don't need WordPress?

Check out our list of the best shared hosting plans. If you’re just getting started, a low-cost basic hosting option might be perfect for you.

WooCommerce Plans

Starting a WooCommerce store online means you’ll need a web host that is tailored for speed and reliability. Check out our list of the best WooCommerce hosting plans. 

Learn Why Speed Matters

Nobody likes a slow website. See how a slow site can hurt your Google SEO rankings, lose customers, and affect your goals.